About us

What is Bad News?

We are just two normal car guys, on a mission to help the automotive community return to its roots. We want to make being passionate about cars fun again, and with your support, that is exactly what we’re gonna do.

Bad News is an Arizona based automotive apparel, media, event and lifestyle brand committed to keeping the car scene alive and rowdy. Period.


Why we do what we do.

Bad News was born out of the greatest and worst time for the car scene this generation has ever seen: the COVID pandemic.

Streets, freeways, and parking lots were empty. Enthusiasts used the time at home to build some of the coolest street cars in the game. Best of all, empty streets and bored car guys led to some of the greatest street racing in history. In fact, a new Cannonball Run record was set that is sure to stand the test of time

Sadly, this fantastic time for car people didn’t last forever, and as we move back into the swing of our normal lives, we’re realizing we’re not coming back to the same car scene we know and love. The community is more toxic than ever, Tracks are closing, The EPA’s strangle hold is tightening, and “Takeovers” are absolutely rampant leading more and more police departments to implement “Street Racing Task Forces” that target even the most harmless official and unofficial automotive meets and events.

Bad News was founded to help bring the community back together and turn our metaphorical guns back to what is trying to kill us off. We will fight tooth and nail to keep our passion alive, keep tracks across the country open, and aggressivly resist unfair and unconstitutional legislation being weaponized in an effort to break our spirit and compromise our enthusiasm for what we love.

When you wear Bad News gear, support our events, watch and interact with our goofy videos and invest your time in us, you’re amplifying the voice we, as a community, have.


Here is what that voice is saying:

“Cars are what we do, period. It’s our outlet, it’s our passion, it’s what we live for. With that being said, no matter how much time and money you steal from us, no matter how much legislation you pass that blatantly targets us, no matter the strength of the opposition, I promise you this:”